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Embrace the Dark :icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 2 0
Consuming Flame
9th Day of Dawnrising.
57th Year O.D.
It has been three months since we conquered Tomaas. Much has happened since then, but not much has changed. It has become apparent to the the other warlords that we are a force to be reckoned with, but none have attacked, or sent any messengers at all. We have mobilized our new army towards Fort MareStream, where the warlord Geolen resides. He is the next to fall. As soon as we get within easy riding range, my four most loyal and I will ride there and offer him a choice: surrender or die.  It would be wiser, as Ecio keeps telling me, to send another messanger, but I still do not trust these Kantis. Thy are weak and easily bought.
13th Day of Dawnrising
57th Year O.D.
We have set camp near Fort MareStream. Strangely, we've encountered no resistance. Either Geolen is ready to surrender, or he's prepared for a siege. Knowing the arrogance of these people, it is most likely the later. No matter. We will crush him and add his troops to our arm
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
Necromancer: A New Beginning
Aita will never forget that day. He was working in his backyard, when a mysterious figure appeared in front of him. The figure kept his face obscured under a hood that was attached to a long, flowing grayish cloak. He had a large, old book in one hand. Understandably, the first words Aita said were "Who are you?"
The figure answered, in a voice that was both ancient and powerful, "Who I am is important, but who you are. You have been chosen to be my successor - the next necromancer, and carry on our ten thousand year tradition."
Aita couldn't believe his ears. Necromancer? What was this crap?
"Necromancer? You mean magic? Like that guy down on the street corner doing cheap tricks for handouts?"
This seemed to anger the supposed-necromancer. "Do not mock powers you can not possibly comprehend."
The necromancer paused, and seemed to compose himself.
"Some spells will come naturally to you. Others must be read from this book."
Aita was still skeptical, but he was willing to humor the old
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
Before a Fall
28th Day of Dreimund
57th Year O.D.
My name is Aleron Silanus.I am a Master Sergeant with the once-glorious army of the land of Terrasilva, most commonly known as The Blacklands.   If you are reading this, it means my mission has come to a conclusion....though for good or ill, I dare not speculate. With four of my men, I have crossed the forbidden border between my land and the fair country of Kanti. The border is closed. They fear the evil from our land. The border guard is strong. We are stronger. We have come with one goal: to plead with the leaders of this Kanti for aid. Our country has fallen almost completely to the evil.  Only few are left fighting.....and getting fewer al the time. Our only hope is to get aid from this nation, which has clearly prospered, while we have withered.....
30th Day of Dreimund
57th Year O.D.
It appears that there is no one ruler of Kanti. The land is spilt into factions, each ruled by a different warlord, all seeking total dom
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
A Perfect Moment
"...It's plain to see, we're so in love when we're together..."
Ahhhh....bliss. A picnic. Me and Meg. Just the two of us. We climbed up to our favorite spot, a tree on top of a large hill. It's so relaxing, sitting in the shade. I accidentally upset an anthill, and stand up, brushing all of them off of me. She laughs, laughter like music, calls me a buffoon. Buffoon, eh? I pretend to attack her. We both lose balance and tumble down the hill. We finally stop at the bottom, laughing, and we embrace and kiss. A perfect moment. I don't think anything could ruin our happiness...
We lay in the grass, holding each other, until evening. We hear a noise, getting closer, and stand up. A small band of riders is fast approaching. Odd. Not many come out here. They stop a few feet from us. Their apparent leader dismounts and walks towards us. He is the single largest man I have ever seen, seven feet of pure muscle, obvious even underneath his armor. His helmet is adorned with goat horns. He h
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
Epilogue: Cleansing Rain
It's raining. Hard. Like it has a thousand years to catch up on. I'm sitting on an outcropping near the top of the tower. The rain feels good....
I can see the village from here. I wonder...have they ever seen rain? Or has it been dry for their entire lives?
I look past the village. I see the animals, just starting to emerge from their dens, surprised by the rain....not sure what it is. The younger ones are trying to bite it....they are clearly pack animals...
It keeps raining.....what is this place? This desert on the edge of nowhere....With the tower....and the shadow....
The thirst for revenge is gone....what would his death achieve? No pleasure....only more sorrow. There will be no more deaths by my hand. I have created enough distress.....
The Brethren....what were they? Spirits? The last of a species? The beginning of one? I never wondered....never asked. I feel like I eliminated the last of their eradication of their species. And for what? Nothing
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 1
Rested. Ready to move on. Still in some pain, but it is manageable. Time to go to the last level.
Roof. I am on the very top of the tower. A slight breeze blows past. Long way down. Can't see anything else up here....
Directly across from me it appears. The shadow...thing. It is in the shape of a man. It raises a sword....a katana, almost identical to the one I use. It raises the katana in a salute, then moves into a ready stance. The battle is about to begin.
We circle each other, both trying to judge the skill of the other. It happens so quickly, I couldn't tell which of us acted and which reacted. We charge each other, and clash in the center of the floor. It is very skilled, matching me in each swing and block. It is impossible to predict which of us will win this fight.
I don't know how long we have been at it. Day has collapsed into night, and night has exploded back into day. I can't get any advantage, and neither can the shadow. We both know all the tricks of the other at this
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 1 0
Morning. I have reached the tower. Few defenses on the outside. Worries me. Either they think that no one will get this far, or whatever waits inside doesn't need outside security. Could be good or bad. We'll see.
Midday. Entered tower. No hostiles in first area. Seems to be all one room per floor. Went downstairs first. Empty. Fifteen basement levels and not another sign of life. Not a good sign. Either nothing is here, or they want to lure me into a false sense of security and then tighten the noose. Troubling, either way....
Afternoon. Continued to explore tower. Nothing. No furniture, no equipment, no life. Have now been to total twenty levels, including basement ones. Should be something....tower looks like it has never been used. Floors are pristine. walls are spotless. As if nothing has ever been here....
Evening. Am about to enter last five floors of tower. If anything is here, this is where it will be stored. There is a door blocking the entrance to this floor. It isn't locked
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
Morning. I pack up and begin my journey. The villagers try to convince me not to leave. I ignore them. The tower might be my only way of getting out of here. My task is clear: go to the tower and kill anything that tries to stop me.
Midday. The desert has not changed. Still no water. Hope the animals are still around. They offer everything I need.Will find out at night. The villagers had no idea where the tower was. None of them ever tried to find it. Am simply taking the direction the man came from when he came to collect the offering. He did not seem tired. Either the journey is not long, or he made many stops along the way. Will find out shortly.
Evening. Must dig shelter for night. Hopefully animals come. If not, I cannot survive extra long trip. Today's part of the journey is finished. No tower in sight.
Morning. Beasts did prowl during night. Did not locate my shelter. Slept without interruption. Must continue to tower. Hope I am going in the right direction.
Midday. Am going in
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
Evening. Can't decide if the people are friendly or not. I've barely seen anyone. They seem to be avoiding me. Cautious, then. Not dangerous. Unless they plan to ambush me later....chance I have to take. Will spend the night outside. Have to find someplace easily defendable....
Night. Found area with stone fence. Best I can find. Must try to sleep now. If the people try to attack during the night, I will be ready. My sword is still sharp.
Morning. Nothing happened during the night. I think the people are merely afraid of me. I begin to wonder why, then realize how I must appear. Half-starved, with a sword on my side, an animal pelt on like a coat, and bottles of animal fluids hanging from my belt. I must look savage. I will attempt to talk to these people. With luck, we will speak the same language...
Midday. The villagers do speak my language. Still very weary of me. I managed to get food, and water from them. They are a simple people. They seem to be in fear of something, but I canno
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 1 0
I feel a cold chill run up my spine. It's starting to get dark. I must dig a trench for the night, or risk being killed by either the cold night or one of the many predators that stalk the area. The beasts are all around at night, but there is no sign of them during the day. I wonder about that....
Morning. I walk on. There is nothing but white sand as far as the eye can see. With luck, I will find where the beasts hide during the day. I still have my sword. If I can find where those creatures are during the day, I might be able to obtain food. I finished the last of my pack the day before. Unfortunately, I can't find any trace of the animals during the day, not even prints....
Midday. Still no signs of life. My water is running out. There has to be some source of water here, but I have been unable to locate it. Time is not my friend. I must rest. I cannot allow fatigue to set in. It will be the end of me.
Night. The beasts are all around. Perhaps I can follow one to it's resting groun
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 3 7
The Villians Journey -Battle1-
Another town. Great. I spit on the ground. Another worthless Leader to kill on my way to the capitol. Bah. Men of my obvious talents should not be forced to fight at every town. It only wastes my time, and leaves the town weaker when of the Leaders insipid apprentices takes over. Then those who come after do not have to fight as difficult an opponent, and the world is left weaker. The world needs the strong to rule over and control the weak. Every time a town loses a Leader, someone not as strong takes over, and chaos begins to take over. The weak get delusions of grandeur and try to overthrow the strong. It never works, and the weak are forcibly put down. They are killed, and the strong lose manpower in pointless war.  The weak should know their place and humbly kneel at the feet of the strong. The strong like me. I enter the town.
I go to the Town Hall to let them know  plan on challenging their Leader. Heh. Challenge. What a joke. This will be no challenge. It wo
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 1
The Hero's Journey -Fight 1-
I enter this town I like do any other-with anticipation. I never know if this is going to be the arena that kills me. I've been to about five towns, and somehow managed to kill off all their Leaders. It's a harsh world, but it's ours.  The only way to gain any prestige is in the arena. You have to fight and kill your opponent before he kills you. It's a dangerous task, and many die in their first battles.  I got lucky. My luck will run out, though, eventually. It might even be this town. I wonder what kind of weapon this Leader prefers.  Each one has his preference. Like the Sensei said, we have to be master of one weapon, but proficient in all weapons.  I go to the Hall of this city to declare my intention to  battle their Leader.  They tell me to arrive at the arena entrance in two days time, at dawn.   Dawn is the usual start time.  I hope the Leader survives until then. I'd hate to do battle with o
:icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 0
Do the...Twist
Finally, the companions reached their destination.  After nearly a year of traveling, countless battles, and endless hardships, they had arrived at The Sacred Castle of the Hero.  There, in the center of the room, was the hero’s sword.   Only the destined one, the seventh son of a second son, born during the eclipse, could touch it.  All others would be destroyed.  There was almost no doubt that Matt was the hero of legend, destined to save the world in these darkest of days.  All that remained was for Matt to draw the sword from its stone resting place.  After which, the holy power of the sword would drive away the darkness, and peace would at last return to the land.  Matt started to walk towards the sword.  “Matt, wait!”  Lisa called after him, “let me help you!”  
“STOP!”  The wizard Landofi commanded. “You have already
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Kandosii :icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 1 10 Tragedy :icongoatmanherooftherepu:GoatmanHerooftheRepu 0 5




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